Stay Calm

So the other day I was alone and eating(a very dangerous thing that you probably have never thought about before this moment in time).

I happened to choke on my water melon. Yeah, watermelon. My epigraph could have read this idiot died by choking on a food that is mostly water.

Over the past 15 years I have been first aid certified more times than I care to count. So, the moment I choke there is panic. I start coughing. But then I let me brain anchor and start thinking. If I am coughing then I am still able to get some air and if I am getting some air there is nothing to panic over.

So I cough until I get the need for more air and take a deep breath through my nose returning oxygen to my body. Eventually I did not die as I have not figured out how to train a ghost to type. During that time though I didn’t give into fear or panic. I stayed calm and worked through the issue.

Remember, as this world keeps getting stranger, that if you stay calm you can find a way through.


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