Hey folks,

I usually keep politics off my page because in my redwood vs mayfly philosophy I live by I try not to let politics into my life in general. However, I do want to take a moment to be serious(I can’t even say that seriously)…let’s try that again.

However, all my social media feeds are constantly blowing up with either Trump hate, or hate defense of Trump. So I want to bring up a few points about how all of us can win the war on Trump(regardless of what side you’re on).

The President is that kid who in middle school was constantly in a tantrum, and by picking on him the rest of the class could continue to get that kid to continue to do stupid things getting him/herself in trouble. As any parent can tell you acknowledging a tantrum will only prolong it. I don’t want to have to have to listen to this kid throw a fit for the next 4-8 years so here is my modest proposal.

We all just stop talking about the President. Even if we all just took a week long social media hiatus from talking about the POTUS he’d just vanish. He feeds of his ego like that really crappy villain in the Green Lantern who grew stronger the more afraid people were. If we just stop engaging Trump he will cease to exist(Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if he just quit because he was bored and wanted to take his ball and go home). So I ask of you, neigh beg of you, just stop talking about the man and what he’s doing. Every tweet we send, every post we make, he only grows stronger and his tantrum only more wild. You want this all to end, it starts with us.

By all means, please keep calling your senators and congressional leaders. Start running for offices where you can make a difference. Keep doing all of those things that we should have been doing long before our current president was elected.

Imagine if the entire twitterverse blocked the POTUS. If we forced all his communication to be via press conferences and actually respected mediums of communication. If we took away his soap box. If we showed that we were different than him and we just didn’t want to shout our opinion as loud as we can and yell at anyone who disagrees.

You want change. Be the change.


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