Writing Females

One of my first one star reviews said that I wrote women characters as men’s wet dreams.

It has lingered with me and bothered me a lot. So I’ve been asking females/writers/female writers for advice over the last five years to try to improve.

I don’t know that I have.

Watching Wonderwoman recently was one of the best case studies I had seen for learning how to create a strong secondary character/love interest. What they did with Chris Pines character is great. Now that lesson has to be brought to female secondaries.

Tiny. My warrior queen and Kade’s greatest bane is horribly used through out the first two books. She spends most important moments incapacitated. I created a character with so much potential, but then slight her strength. She can carry just as much story as bumbling Kade and she could do better in most ways.

So, as I sit here evaluating my treatment of my female characters, I am promising that I will do my best to not suck so much in the third book(and all future works)


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