For the select few friends who have known me forever they can attest to the lack of control I had of my anger as a kid. It took me a lot of years to learn how to leash it, conceal it, and ultimately kill it.

I don’t always win. Like banner/hulk Jekyll/Hyde there are moments I become a monster.

Yesterday I was cut off very aggressively and dangerously by a transit van merging onto the road I was on. In my evasive maneuveres I lost my phone into the crevice of my seat. After being sure my vehicle and self were safe I noticed they had a how’s my driving number. I immediately plotted my revenge. I’d use my golden tongue to ruin this person’s day and make sure their boss would chew them out.

One problem. I was wearing my watch. I couldn’t get my hand down to get my phone without the chance of getting stuck in a monkey trap and I didn’t look forward to the idea of driving the next ten minutes with my hand stuck to the floor of my car.

Amused by my own situation I let my equilibrium resume and the logical brain took over. I’ve cut many a folk off on accident while driving large vehicles, as well as making mistakes in a rush. Maybe he was already having a bad enough day. No lives were lost. Breathe easy and let go.

Holding anger is will never help you. Take it easy my folks.


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