So my mom is moving and this means the last house tied to my youth as well as my 20s will be behind me with something like 18 other addresses.

Today will be the last day I see this place. I am saying good-bye to my haven of my 20s with a cheap cigar and bottle of lionshead on the carport.

I resented most the times I had to move back into William drive as it usually marked a major failure in my adult life, however I will always be grateful to my mom and the house for taking me(and in the end my dog) when I went bust.

This carport has always been a haven for me. To my friends that were local this often served as my place of listening whenever someone needed me. I conceived many of my story ideas here. Many memories.

But we all need adventures, and I’m excited for my mom to lose this anchor and go her own way.

Thanks to the house, and best of luck to my mom in her next chapter.


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