You only get one story

One of my favorite things about writing is that you don’t have to get the story right the first time. You have editing and revision and everything else to beat it into shape.

In life we aren’t that lucky. I was discussing an internal debate with a friend of mine about if they should move on a crush of theirs or not.

After I posed some positive and negative outcomes they admitted the biggest regret would be if they waited and the window closed and they had to watch their crush with someone else.

In matters of the heart waiting is never the right option. That’s not to say it will always go the best way, but better to fail trying and not carry that regret. I’m not advocating disobeying logic fully but we have gut feelings for a reason.

I met my Engf on the night of March 10th, practically midnight. By the morning of March 12th my only course of action was to go all in because it was the only option that I had that I wouldn’t have regrets with.

You only get one life. No rewrites. You can only affect the story going forward. So make it what you want. Not what could have been.

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