My birthday

I just completed another revolution around the sun. 31. Officially reaching the point where my life is time stamped by decades.

For those of you who know me, you’ve come to see over the years just how much I like to dodge that day. My engf asked me to try to not be mopey about it and if I had to be happy about it for her if not for myself because she is happy I was born(and more so that I’m a Taurus).

All I was told for my birthday evening was we were going to a work gala and I needed to look good.

Honestly at that point I was thinking this is gonna be a boring birthday but a night looking good with the lady could be worse.

We show up to the vfoundation, which if you didn’t know is a foundation to fight pediatric cancer run by Dick Vitale(I’ll be posting more about that later). I spent an entire night listening to sports greats talk about how we are going to kick cancers ass, while getting to enjoy the company of my lovely lady and even make a bit of an ass on a dance floor in front of said greats.

All in all it was one of the most motivating nights of my life and is without competition the best birthday I have had.

I’m not always the best at expressing myself vocally, so I thank you all for bearing with me as I use the one thing I have, my words, to thank her for being such an awesome person in my life to drag me through my own birthday, be willing to arrive at the fanciest event I’ve ever attended, with me in a 2002 Camry that looks like it’s seen a war, and somehow, despite my utter dislike of my birthday, help me have a great night.

Thank you, Lauren.

3 thoughts on “My birthday

  1. Happy birthday Justin. Michael and I have always admired Jimmy V. Will need to bend your ear next time we see you!

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