I’m lucky

Sorry folks I know I’ve been quiet for a bit but I had a firework mishap on Memorial Day that has kept me off a computer.

I’m lucky it was just burns and not something worse. I’m lucky I have a job that doesn’t require much use of my hands. I’m lucky I have bosses that are understanding. I’m lucky I was the only one hurt. I’m lucky I have a sister for a nurse. I’m lucky I have friends(and a girlfriend) who were willing to help me until I was two handed again. I’m lucky I have two hands.

I’ve always said I’m at my best when things are going wrong. I can scramble and survive better than most. Or my usual mantra of I’m invincible.

What I’ve noticed I’m not as good at is finding the positive in the good times. So I’m going to challenge not just myself but the rest of the chicken littles out there to take that same spin control positivity and apply it to the good parts of their life as well.


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