When struggling with writing where better to turn…


Slow dance Saturdays

Is that a thing yet? If not, you heard it here first.

This was candidly snagged at a wedding a couple months back. Since Lauren has come into my life the biggest change I’ve found people commenting on is how much I smile. I have to admit it is a skill I still haven’t mastered, but I am pretty grateful she gives me so many opportunities to practice. My advice is to find someone who makes you smile, whether you want to or not.

Flash back

So have some sit down time today and realized I haven’t been all that interactive of late. But today I was wrapping up the last day of a camp I’ve been doing the last 4 years. Some of the athletes have been with me since I started coaching in 2009.

This gave me some perspective to look back over the course of the last almost decade. The course that lead me here. All the seemingly small choices that added up to August 10 2018.

It’s been a long journey full of great memories and better people. Cheers to the adventures behind me and those ahead.


What are your thoughts? This is from the book The Elephant Vanishes something a passer through in my life gave me to read once. Finally digging in. Overall not enthralled but there are some beautiful lines.

When I write

When I’m working on a TPAC novel I do all the story lines in separate documents. It helps me track where each arc is and also keeps my word counts low so I don’t think too highly of my progress.

To make sure I was on progress today I did a quick tally.

Slightly over halfway. Means at my current rate I am a month and a half away from completing this draft and can be on track to be edited out by January.

Damn that feels good.

The Rome Project

Another screenplay.  This is where the zombies started. The ground work for Foamers. This screenplay got such a reaction from those that read it that I decided to go back to school to chase writing as more than a hobby. I am proud in the tears a zombie screenplay had drawn. Can you read it dry eyed?

This was a hard copy scan and a few pages are missing, not to mention this isn’t the final version so plenty of notes and typos.

As per usual, this is mine, belongs to me, don’t steal cause I’ll gladly sell cheap, and no one likes a head ache.


Reflections on Strays

Strays was a heart breaker for me. Everything that could go sideways in the release. Sales have been low. Reviews have been slow. I dislike even looking at the book.


Huge but…

There have been few times in my life I really felt awesome as a writer. It’s mostly self-loathe and whiskey. Decent bit of whiskey. Lotta bit of self loathe. I wrote the second book in a booth at what was the Middlesex diner. They kept my coffee full and my stomach fed. When the release date finally came, the diner was happy to host my release party.

That night people came from far and wide to support me. Many bottles of booze were drank. I read a pseudo sex scene in front of my mom and all of her friends. Luckily my sister, Brother-in-law and nieces had left by then. Three friends I had best manned for were there. A college friend I hadn’t seen in years drove six hours for it. Old room mates. Bosses. Coaches.

Writing is lonely.

That day I was not.

Strays may have disappointed, but the people I have in my life have not.


Screenplay numero uno

Hey all,

Adventures of Dud is overish. If anyone has a strong desire for me to complete the fifth let me know.

This pretty PDF is the World Series of Beer Pong. College love story revolving around the world’s greatest sport of beer pong. Prior to opening it, disclaimers, there are themes of sex, drinking, and love. It has been a while since I wrote this and if would guess we are looking at a strong PG13. And also, no idea where it was in the level of editing.

As per usual, all work is mine and belongs to me. Steal it and I will find you, especially since I will sell out cheap, so lets all save of us some headaches.


Ireland 360


So it has been four years since¬†Foamers released. I’ve learned a lot about writing and publishing since then(and even some about life). That first book was where I recognized for that this thing that many people told me was a pipe dream, was actually possible. Yeah, Dad, I still haven’t got you that beach house I promised you when I started writing at 14, but I am climbing.

So today I happened to Amazon search myself, just to see how I was doing with reviews and always curious to see my sales rank and at this very moment the, once upon a time, #1 dystopian novel on Amazon is .99 cents.

Already have your e-version? They have a new thing where you can buy it at as a gift, and who doesn’t have a friend who could use the story of Kade and crew, and if you don’t have a friend, I’ll be your friend.

Here you go: FOAMERS


And no, that is not me or my dog on the cover. I’m not that skinny and she doesn’t have a tail.