I believe I may be invincible…

That there is a glass of water. I have not had a coffee in 7 days and it was days prior to that to find the next instance. I had a goal a couple months back to break coffee’s hold on me. I think I may have done it, which I think might mean I am invincible…



For the select few friends who have known me forever they can attest to the lack of control I had of my anger as a kid. It took me a lot of years to learn how to leash it, conceal it, and ultimately kill it.

I don’t always win. Like banner/hulk Jekyll/Hyde there are moments I become a monster.

Yesterday I was cut off very aggressively and dangerously by a transit van merging onto the road I was on. In my evasive maneuveres I lost my phone into the crevice of my seat. After being sure my vehicle and self were safe I noticed they had a how’s my driving number. I immediately plotted my revenge. I’d use my golden tongue to ruin this person’s day and make sure their boss would chew them out.

One problem. I was wearing my watch. I couldn’t get my hand down to get my phone without the chance of getting stuck in a monkey trap and I didn’t look forward to the idea of driving the next ten minutes with my hand stuck to the floor of my car.

Amused by my own situation I let my equilibrium resume and the logical brain took over. I’ve cut many a folk off on accident while driving large vehicles, as well as making mistakes in a rush. Maybe he was already having a bad enough day. No lives were lost. Breathe easy and let go.

Holding anger is will never help you. Take it easy my folks.

Humpty Dumpty

So of late I haven’t slept great. Had some back pain that limited my rest. For anyone who doesn’t sleep a lot know you get a lot of strange thoughts in that world between sleep and awake. Jotted this down the other night and didn’t remember doing it until I saw the note pad today. 

And all the kings horses and all the kings me couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together. Only Humpty had that power as he was the only one who knew what he had to be when he put himself back together. 

Yeah, apparently had some deep nursery rhyming at 3 am.


See that devil.

Going on three years ago my sister dropped her at my moms. My mom said she could stay a night.

Three years later. Thousands of dollars in costs and literally buying a house so I can keep her I’ve had to live with my choice of adopting this demon.

I’ve had a lot of help a long the way, but the point is we make choices in life. Those choices come with consequences. You’ve gotta be willing to own your actions in life. 

Writing Females

One of my first one star reviews said that I wrote women characters as men’s wet dreams.

It has lingered with me and bothered me a lot. So I’ve been asking females/writers/female writers for advice over the last five years to try to improve.

I don’t know that I have.

Watching Wonderwoman recently was one of the best case studies I had seen for learning how to create a strong secondary character/love interest. What they did with Chris Pines character is great. Now that lesson has to be brought to female secondaries.

Tiny. My warrior queen and Kade’s greatest bane is horribly used through out the first two books. She spends most important moments incapacitated. I created a character with so much potential, but then slight her strength. She can carry just as much story as bumbling Kade and she could do better in most ways.

So, as I sit here evaluating my treatment of my female characters, I am promising that I will do my best to not suck so much in the third book(and all future works)

My friend knows I’m going to hell

But loves me anyway.

First, let me clearly state the point of this post is to exercise why I value someone who sees the world differently than I do. I value all opinions to some degree, but if any of you readers think to make a pointed attack at my friend you will find yourself in a predicament you do not wish to be. So, if you can’t be kind, be nothing.

I have a great friend. One I rely on greatly as a Jimney Cricket. If I need to talk she’ll hop in a car and drive to meet me for dinner even when half way is hours out of the way.

We like to say we think about 90% similarly.

In that 10% though falls religion. She respects where I stand and never tries to push her beliefs on me. Her beliefs however state that I am stuck going to Hell.

Seems like a bit of an impasse for a friendship, right?

Not right.

Because I always respect her right to her faith and if my time comes and she was right I do get a straight ticket to Hell(less I change my villainous ways…muwahaha)

That being said, its one of my stronger friendships, someone I lean on for support, and it works because of a mutual respect for the other person despite what we don’t see eye to eye on.

In fact that is one of the things I love. My eyes can only see the world As I perceive them. I’ve been seeing my world this way(with some focus changes from experience and maturation) as long as I have been alive. If I only surrounded myself with people of that same vantage point how would I ever see something new when we all looked at the same thing the same way.

Your life needs enrichment. That only comes when you experience new things. Embrace the different. Respect other views. Entertain new ideas. See the world through a fresh set of eyes. And most importantly, hug someone who knows you’re going to Hell but loves you anyway.