See that devil.

Going on three years ago my sister dropped her at my moms. My mom said she could stay a night.

Three years later. Thousands of dollars in costs and literally buying a house so I can keep her I’ve had to live with my choice of adopting this demon.

I’ve had a lot of help a long the way, but the point is we make choices in life. Those choices come with consequences. You’ve gotta be willing to own your actions in life. 

Writing Females

One of my first one star reviews said that I wrote women characters as men’s wet dreams.

It has lingered with me and bothered me a lot. So I’ve been asking females/writers/female writers for advice over the last five years to try to improve.

I don’t know that I have.

Watching Wonderwoman recently was one of the best case studies I had seen for learning how to create a strong secondary character/love interest. What they did with Chris Pines character is great. Now that lesson has to be brought to female secondaries.

Tiny. My warrior queen and Kade’s greatest bane is horribly used through out the first two books. She spends most important moments incapacitated. I created a character with so much potential, but then slight her strength. She can carry just as much story as bumbling Kade and she could do better in most ways.

So, as I sit here evaluating my treatment of my female characters, I am promising that I will do my best to not suck so much in the third book(and all future works)

My friend knows I’m going to hell

But loves me anyway.

First, let me clearly state the point of this post is to exercise why I value someone who sees the world differently than I do. I value all opinions to some degree, but if any of you readers think to make a pointed attack at my friend you will find yourself in a predicament you do not wish to be. So, if you can’t be kind, be nothing.

I have a great friend. One I rely on greatly as a Jimney Cricket. If I need to talk she’ll hop in a car and drive to meet me for dinner even when half way is hours out of the way.

We like to say we think about 90% similarly.

In that 10% though falls religion. She respects where I stand and never tries to push her beliefs on me. Her beliefs however state that I am stuck going to Hell.

Seems like a bit of an impasse for a friendship, right?

Not right.

Because I always respect her right to her faith and if my time comes and she was right I do get a straight ticket to Hell(less I change my villainous ways…muwahaha)

That being said, its one of my stronger friendships, someone I lean on for support, and it works because of a mutual respect for the other person despite what we don’t see eye to eye on.

In fact that is one of the things I love. My eyes can only see the world As I perceive them. I’ve been seeing my world this way(with some focus changes from experience and maturation) as long as I have been alive. If I only surrounded myself with people of that same vantage point how would I ever see something new when we all looked at the same thing the same way.

Your life needs enrichment. That only comes when you experience new things. Embrace the different. Respect other views. Entertain new ideas. See the world through a fresh set of eyes. And most importantly, hug someone who knows you’re going to Hell but loves you anyway.


Hey folks,

I usually keep politics off my page because in my redwood vs mayfly philosophy I live by I try not to let politics into my life in general. However, I do want to take a moment to be serious(I can’t even say that seriously)…let’s try that again.

However, all my social media feeds are constantly blowing up with either Trump hate, or hate defense of Trump. So I want to bring up a few points about how all of us can win the war on Trump(regardless of what side you’re on).

The President is that kid who in middle school was constantly in a tantrum, and by picking on him the rest of the class could continue to get that kid to continue to do stupid things getting him/herself in trouble. As any parent can tell you acknowledging a tantrum will only prolong it. I don’t want to have to have to listen to this kid throw a fit for the next 4-8 years so here is my modest proposal.

We all just stop talking about the President. Even if we all just took a week long social media hiatus from talking about the POTUS he’d just vanish. He feeds of his ego like that really crappy villain in the Green Lantern who grew stronger the more afraid people were. If we just stop engaging Trump he will cease to exist(Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if he just quit because he was bored and wanted to take his ball and go home). So I ask of you, neigh beg of you, just stop talking about the man and what he’s doing. Every tweet we send, every post we make, he only grows stronger and his tantrum only more wild. You want this all to end, it starts with us.

By all means, please keep calling your senators and congressional leaders. Start running for offices where you can make a difference. Keep doing all of those things that we should have been doing long before our current president was elected.

Imagine if the entire twitterverse blocked the POTUS. If we forced all his communication to be via press conferences and actually respected mediums of communication. If we took away his soap box. If we showed that we were different than him and we just didn’t want to shout our opinion as loud as we can and yell at anyone who disagrees.

You want change. Be the change.

Stay Calm

So the other day I was alone and eating(a very dangerous thing that you probably have never thought about before this moment in time).

I happened to choke on my water melon. Yeah, watermelon. My epigraph could have read this idiot died by choking on a food that is mostly water.

Over the past 15 years I have been first aid certified more times than I care to count. So, the moment I choke there is panic. I start coughing. But then I let me brain anchor and start thinking. If I am coughing then I am still able to get some air and if I am getting some air there is nothing to panic over.

So I cough until I get the need for more air and take a deep breath through my nose returning oxygen to my body. Eventually I did not die as I have not figured out how to train a ghost to type. During that time though I didn’t give into fear or panic. I stayed calm and worked through the issue.

Remember, as this world keeps getting stranger, that if you stay calm you can find a way through.

One Moment

I once had a friend say that growing up he hated fighting me because he knew eventually he would lose. It didn’t matter how much he felt like he was winning the fight at some point I would win. (Major disclaimer here I am not claiming to be a good fighter in any way shape or form these were childhood friendlies)

But what I could wait for, endure for, was a moment. I could take the beating but not give up a weakness and wait for my moment. When the window came I would take it and not let up.

This is the same with life folks. You can be at rock bottom but as long as you are protecting the vitals you just need that one moment to strike back against life. Things aren’t going your way, endure for that moment. And when that moment comes don’t be afraid to strike, because if you do you will change your life forever. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself wondering why life is still winning one, two, ten years later.


Seven Two Off Suit

The seven two off suit is the lowest percentage starting hand in Texas Hold’em. They are the lowest two cards you can have but with such a gap that they don’t connect for straight possibility and you would have to run four cards to the flush leaving you with best case scenario a 7 high flush. Bottom line it should never win.

It’s my favorite hand.

And if I’m being real picky I want 7clubs 2spades. I see that hand and I know I can’t lose. I won’t lose. I will play that hand like its gold.

And more often than not it works.

It works simply because of how it is represented. The embodiment of you can’t control your cards only how you play them.

So remember the next time you want to feel sorry about your hand, it has nothing to do with your hand, and everything to do with your ability to play it. Play it like its gold and you’ll find yourself rich.