Last night had a long chat with my eldest sister(a solid touchstone in my existence) and the one thing we pondered was what would we do if we only had five years left to live. After I said mine she pointed out I didn’t mention writing, sadly(happily??) writing is breathing to me. It’s a secondary life function I don’t think of as part of my life, but my life would cease without. So cheers to all of you breathing life to the page today.

It’s 3am and I wanna go to beeeeeeed

Sadly no woman running through my head(OAR reference if you don’t get it)

Also a little past 3:00am but that is when I woke up, but after two hours of trying to get back to sleep it is game over.

So last night I returned from the Naval Academy where I finished up my last weekend of assistant coaching for Salem International University for this school year. In 3ish hours I will teach my Multicultural Literature class. Between those two things I ran 13.1 miles last night(why I can’t sleep, body is unhappy).

Between the 5 or so hours in a van, the 2 hours watching myself run in a window, and the last few hours of being awake I have had more time to think on my life than is usually good for me.

Many times when I start focusing on my life I can end up in a tail spin. I’m nearly 30 and most of the things I thought I would have completed five years ago I am still likely five years away from.

The past day though, this hasn’t been the case.

Things are good. Could they be better, yes, but they are good. And for me, that is pretty damn great.

I am coaching the two sports I love, getting to teach English, and have time to write. Things are good.

I have lost 20ish pounds since January.

I’m nearing the end of the first draft on my third book.

I am healthier than I have been in a long time.

I am making enough money that I don’t worry about money.

I am getting to travel.

Short of missing my dog every day I don’t have much to complain about these days.

I have enough and that is all I can ever ask for.

Now that I got the fingers warmed up, I’ve got some writing to do.

Those of you headed off to your 9-5s cheers to that cup of coffee, to those of you getting of your night shifts, bottoms up to that beer. To you other insomniacs, don’t forget to hydrate.

1000/1000 Update

Been trying to be healthier. So far so good. I’ve nearly hit my 1000 words a day every day since the 9th of January. I’ve successfully burned 1000 calories and kept my intake around 1500 every day(But Sundays which is a recovery day for working out). Also been trying to make healthier eating habits with the suggestions of some friends.

January 8th I weighted in at 204 pounds

January  21st I came in at 198 pounds.

Down six in two weeks. If I can maintain this pace I will be back to 175 by my birthday in May. Stay tuned. (also don’t want to bore people with my work outs or meals or any of that such but if you are curious leave a message)

p.s. if anyone wants to be my friend on my fitness pal my name is justinpeterkassab




I have written this post a number of times, but it hasn’t come out the way I want it to sound, so I am going to make it short. I am not a supporter of Trump. But I will not let him conquer me with fear or hate. I will choose to embrace hope, and try to put my energies into the sphere of influence around me I can change.

To close, I am going to borrow from Mark Twain.