Survival Tip #283

Yeah bet you thought you were done with these! Not so fast.

The thing about writing post-apocalyptic stories is you look to find how far you can push a character and have them still hold onto their humanity. In my series there are two ways it can go…a character can go primal, losing their humanity, or they can become primed finding their end of the world self.

In my younger years I thought this was something that only existed in works of fiction. The older I’ve become the more I see it was a real world trait. The decisions people are faced with every day can change the course of their life.

So this tip is know your line before you get to it.



Recently I had the chance to look at the stars. This is always a grounding experience for me. There are two lessons I always take from the stars. The first is that when my life feels overwhelming, they remind me how large the universe is and just how insignificant my existence is. When you remember that you are a tiny speck in a wide universe and will pass unnoticed it helps to not stress you haven’t had a chance to mow the lawn in two weeks.

The second lesson I always take from this is that in the time it takes for the light of a star to reach my eye that star may have already lived its full life and has burned out. None of us are going to live forever, but we all can live lives that send our light years into the future, long after we are gone.

So on one hand remember you are insignificant on the other remember you are significant.

Better to have an umbrella

My personality has been commented on a couple times lately and a few pretty cool things came of it.

I’m often mistaken for a pessimist, but as a friend recently said to that endeavor I just accept that the world and people are flawed. I wear my own flaws on my sleeve and I expect things to be flawed. It isn’t that I always see the negative it’s that I don’t expect the world or my life to be perfect.

That conversation lead to another with my adopted little sister which I had a line she said I have to write because it was good, and so here it goes.

I don’t expect every day to be sunny. Some days it is going to rain. I’d rather have an umbrella than a bad attitude.

So remember none of us are perfect. Not me. Not you. Not the world. We all have our flaws. Sometimes it’s gonna rain, but that doesn’t mean it has to ruin your day.

A lesson from poker

Once upon a time I played a good bit of poker. Mostly Texas holdem. For those that don’t know each player has two cards and there are a community of five to make the best hand.

One of the major lessons I learned is that no matter how much you wish or hope you can’t do anything to change the cards.

Your hand is your hand.

Your opponents hand is their hand.

The community is the community.

The only thing that is ever in your control is how you play your hand. Fold, call, raise, meek or strong, bluff or honest. The cards are the last thing in the world that matter, all that truly can change your odds is how you play the hand.

7/2 off suit was always my favorite starting hand, because in Texas that is statistically the worst hand you can be dealt. But I loved it because I knew with that bad deal I could still take down the hand.

So remember you can’t control the deal, but you can control your attitude and actions.

I’m lucky

Sorry folks I know I’ve been quiet for a bit but I had a firework mishap on Memorial Day that has kept me off a computer.

I’m lucky it was just burns and not something worse. I’m lucky I have a job that doesn’t require much use of my hands. I’m lucky I have bosses that are understanding. I’m lucky I was the only one hurt. I’m lucky I have a sister for a nurse. I’m lucky I have friends(and a girlfriend) who were willing to help me until I was two handed again. I’m lucky I have two hands.

I’ve always said I’m at my best when things are going wrong. I can scramble and survive better than most. Or my usual mantra of I’m invincible.

What I’ve noticed I’m not as good at is finding the positive in the good times. So I’m going to challenge not just myself but the rest of the chicken littles out there to take that same spin control positivity and apply it to the good parts of their life as well.

Crossing bridges

Sometimes in life we have to look long term. But more often than not we don’t. One great piece of stress comes from trying to cross bridges before we get to them.

You never know how your course may change and if that bridge will even still be on your path when the time comes or if you’ll have to cross an entirely different bridge.

So remember to enjoy where you are, and enjoy the journey, and don’t worry about crossing a bridge until you have to set foot onto it.

The battle continues

The last week didn’t go as well as I would have liked. I’m guessing some of you out there can agree, if not today at some point in your life. As I get ready to sleep, I remind myself that I am still breathing and I have survived another day. Despite the millions of ways my life could have ended today, it did not. That simple fact is always a victory. When I am lucky enough to open my eyes in the morning it’s back to the fight. This is life my friends, make it the one you want. Rest now then back to battle.

#282 Losses

Survival Tip #282

It has been a while. In that time there were a number of losses and gains.

Life can be a bastard sometimes. It can take and take and take. It’ll take so much that you wonder how much more it can possibly steal, however, in this world and the Primal Age, you had to remember that it will give as well. Just because life takes, doesn’t mean that it isn’t giving, or that when it takes it isn’t giving you a different opportunity at the same time.

I am not here to tell you that loss won’t hurt, sometimes it might seem like it will kill you, but remember to stay in the fight and everything will even out.


#281 Realistic and Attainable

Survival Tip #281

Realistic and Attainable

When setting goals for yourself or for others make sure you create realistic and attainable goals. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t set difficult goals, but make sure they can be reached.

If you have never ran before in your life setting a goal of a five minute mile isn’t realistic. However if you do want to get to a five minute mile you should set a course of goals that you can attain that will eventually lead you there. Like I want to drop 15 seconds off of my mile time every month of training.

By setting mile stones that aren’t miles away it keeps a carrot in front of your nose so that you will keep in the chase.

The same applies for the Primal Age. Don’t say my goal is to keep everyone alive for the next decade. Your goal should be to keep everyone alive until tomorrow. Things you can strive for and can attain.

Keep it real.