#270 Respawns, Revives, Restarts

Survival Tip #270

Respawns, Revives, Restarts

The three R’s listed above refer to ways to come back to life in a video game. The Primal Age will have no of these options. Whatever choices you make are permanent. There is no way to go back and try again with a different idea. Make the choices you can live with the best, and keep moving forward. Adapt to what happens and don’t get caught up in past mistakes.


#267 Both Shoes On Before You Tie

Survival Tip #267

Both Shoes On Before You Tie

This one seems simple, but many people put one shoe on, tie it, then put the other shoe on, and tie it. When there is no emergency situation this isn’t likely to have any impact on your life. In the Primal Age though things won’t always be so casual. Sometimes you mind find yourself needing to get out of Dodge yesterday. It is always better to both shoes on before you tie them. This way if something does cause you to have to make a run for it at a moments notice you have two untied shoes on instead of one tied shoe.

#266 Untie Your Shoes

Survival Tip #266

Untie Your Shoes

Or boots. Even the best running shoes on the market are only meant to stand up to a few months of abuse. By untying your shoes before you insert or remove your foot you will increase the length of time that a shoe’s durability lasts. So, always remember to untie your shoes.

I don’t recommend these for end of the world use, but I only ever tied them once and destroyed them fast.

#264 Pack Your Own Parachute

Survival Tip #264

Pack Your Own Parachute

What I mean by this is to load your own back. Your go-bag is as crucial to your survival as a chute to a paratrooper. Know what you need to have in there, and pack your own. No matter how much you trust someone if they hand you a ready made pack take a moment to check that it has all the necessities.

#262 You Don’t Know Everything

Survival Tip #262

You Don’t Know Everything

You don’t know everything, and you never will. You could spend the rest of your life living in a library reading every single book and you still wouldn’t grasp even a percent of what there is to know. Find things that interest you and follow them as far as you can. Be sure to recognize when someone knows more than you on a topic and learn from them.

#261 Teach, Don’t Preach

Survival Tip #261

Teach, Don’t Preach¬†

This might sound a little strange coming from the guy sitting behind a blog roll, but teach, don’t preach. Only people who listen to preachers are those who already know what they are saying. Instead of preaching try teaching.

Take the opportunity whenever it arises to try to pass your knowledge along. The other day I took a good deal of satisfaction in teaching someone what a handful of different tools were called, used for, and what tasks they worked best on. I didn’t preach to them why they should know how to use tools, but by coaching them through and teaching them a new skill I had the chance to impart something to them that will hopefully stay with them for life and make their life easier at times.

The job would have been done faster if I just told them exactly what I wanted them to do and did the more complicated parts myself, but with a little patience I was able to make a different that day.