Foamers (The Primal Age Chronicles)

Are you a fan of zombies and the undead? Looking for your next great post apocalyptic novel? Foamers is the book for you then. If you aren’t sold on the novel just yet, check all of the good things people have been saying about The Primal Age Chronicles. Did I mention the ebook is cheap? $3.82 for the Kindle, $4.99 for the Nook. Let me know if you think I can crack the top ten zombie books of all time with Foamers.

Terminally diagnosed with Huntington’s disease as a child, Kade coped by preparing for the Primal Age. Now in his twenties, a faulty vaccine has turned the population into bloodthirsty monsters called foamers. His group of survivors find themselves constantly caught between foamers and a warmongering paramilitary unit, forcing the group to redefine humanity in a world without law.


“Foamers is a worthy addition to the canon of postapocalyptic fiction, and like the best of such books, at its heart it’s a frontier novel, brutal and exciting, celebrating individualism and self-determination. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun.”
–Tim McLoughlin, author of Heart of the Old Country

“When a screwed-up flu vaccine mutates much of humanity into mindless beasts, ‘Trust your intelligence’ becomes the leitmotif of a group of survivors. Fast-moving, violent, and vividly imagined, Foamers creates a dangerous world made disquietingly believable.”
–David Poyer, author of Stepfather Bank and The Cruiser

“It’s as if The Stand had a head-on bus collision with Night of the Living Dead. I want to look away, but I can’t stop reading.”
–John Koloski, author of Bloodblind, book #1 of the Empyres trilogy

Not sold yet? Here is what Amazon Reviewers have to say:

“It’s not called the rainbow and unicorn age for a reason. It’s the Primal Age, and to survive, you have to keep your wits. Kassab takes a twist on a popular topic and makes it his own. Foamers is a fresh novel with enough violence and suspence to keep you holding on for the ride. Get ready. You’re about to enter the Primal Age. Will you survive?”

“I read this book upon a recommendation from a friend and am very glad I did. I was hooked from the beginning and had trouble putting it down. I felt as if I knew the characters well and kept me going. The plot is well thought out and kept me guessing many times, which much literature today fails to do. I was actually saddened at conclusion. I was left wanting more, not from the book, but from the series. I am very excited for the next Primal Age Chronicles book and will certainly pick it up once it’s released.”

“A thrill ride. Grab something and hang on. Kassab’s prose is wired with a tension that sizzles just below the surface. Bring on the next one.”

An amazing story about realizing your full potential and finding yourself amidst utter chaos. A great read! Hoping the story will continue with a second book!”


Still not sold? Here’s a picture of me practicing Primal skills:





Foamers (The Primal Age Chronicles)


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