Good news/Bad news

If you are like me you prefer your bad news first. But before I get into that, have a little information to share.

A piece of advice I always passed along to the younger cohorts at Wilkes was that you always listen to your mentor. They are your boss, and even if you don’t agree with what they tell you you need to do with your project, you do it anyway. If it doesn’t work they will tell you to change it anyhow.

This past week I was at the AWP conference and had a chance to chat about the challenges that were facing me with Kade’s town and she had a number of suggestions. At first I wanted to say. that won’t work, but I try to take my own advice, so I decided to sleep on it.

I didn’t sleep. My brain went wild with the new ideas and by the time I did finally pass out I knew what had to be done.

I went to see Kaylie after her morning panel and said I have good news and bad news, which would you like first.

Bad news of course.

Bad news is I have to start from scratch on the third book.

Okay whats the good news.

I am almost done with book four.img_0081


AWP Recovery

It took a few days to feel like I had my energy back after my first ever AWP experience. Have to admit it was a blast getting to see my Wilkes writers, and meet a bunch of new folk. Would like to credit, Medusa’s Laugh Press, The Better Bombshell, and First Inkling as having the most fun booths at the book fair. Also, bravo to anyone who went to the nightly Poetry Slam hosted by Jim Warner and presented their work for the group. If you want to learn the new drinking game some friends and I came up with during the final evening, leave a post.