So it has been four years since Foamers released. I’ve learned a lot about writing and publishing since then(and even some about life). That first book was where I recognized for that this thing that many people told me was a pipe dream, was actually possible. Yeah, Dad, I still haven’t got you that beach house I promised you when I started writing at 14, but I am climbing.

So today I happened to Amazon search myself, just to see how I was doing with reviews and always curious to see my sales rank and at this very moment the, once upon a time, #1 dystopian novel on Amazon is .99 cents.

Already have your e-version? They have a new thing where you can buy it at as a gift, and who doesn’t have a friend who could use the story of Kade and crew, and if you don’t have a friend, I’ll be your friend.

Here you go: FOAMERS


And no, that is not me or my dog on the cover. I’m not that skinny and she doesn’t have a tail.


Back to writing

I’m back to writing. Finally. Two things happened to get me here. Real job number 3 finally reached a point I can relax, and more importantly my lady told me to ignore her while I write.

I am back to my 1000 words a day. And this is definitely the fastest I’ve ever hit my count each day.

Just don’t tell her that or she might increase my quota…

I fail…a lot

I fail…a lot. A ton even. I fail in one day more than most people do in a year.

After a recent work out I was talking with Lauren and told her I failed. Her response was “Aww Babes…come on. I don’t date failures.”

The good news is I get to keep my engf* cause I’m not a failure. I just fail. And fail well I do. My expectation for myself will always be that if a bar is low enough to reach I didn’t set it high enough. I fail at my job, my work outs, my sport, my life, and more than anything else my writing.

But as I resume work on The Primal Age Chronicles, I promise to keep failing, and to fail better each day. Cause as long as I continue to fail I am not a failure. So, let’s raise some bars.

*engf is an acronym for exclusive non girl friend since we’re both too stubborn to embrace bf/gf handles

Put it down

I know a lot of folk that will read a book start to finish even if they don’t like it. I’ve never felt that need. I don’t think they are wrong in any way for doing that, but my logic is if I read every minute for every day of the rest of my life and I still wouldn’t be able to read everything that is out there.

One bad date doesn’t mean I won’t go on a second, but two bad dates shows a trend. If there was a glimmer of hope in all of that possibly I’ll limp into a third. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to marry them.

I’ll give the book 20 pages, it doesn’t have to be great but if I’m not engaged it’ll be game over.

ps check out those jorts

The Primal Age Chronicles Book 2: Strays

Looks like it is time to dust off the ol’website again.

Sorry for disappearing again for the summer. Seems to be a trend. Last summer I had done all kinds of cool things, but not as many experiences this summer. I went back to coaching swimming which makes travel pretty difficult. However back in May I did help my sister move from Estes Park, Colorado to Aliso Vejo, California(I may have misspelled that). Along the way got to see Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, the part of Joshua Tree that doesn’t have the Joshua Trees, and I think Ryan Bailey at breakfast(That’ll mean something to my water polo friends).

Summer progress with my usual living at one pool or another.

Then had a few life changes.(new house)

Along with the contract for THE PRIMAL AGE CHORNICLES II: STRAYS getting signed, and for all of those who have been waiting for a release date…you’ll have to keep waiting. But the ballpark is February to March of 2016.

Two other tidbits of information about the book that are pretty exciting, but you’ll have to wait for that cause I’ve got some writing to do.

But here is a picture of my dog eating a tomato(she’s a rescue and her name is Gem(Amusing I know)):

Til next time,


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#250 Read

Survival Tip #250


Read. Everything. Read fiction. Read nonfiction. Read everything you can get your hands on. Read survival manuals. Read how to books. You never know what skills you will find where you least expect them, and when the Primal Age comes reading will be a primary mode of entertainment once again. So read books that will help you survive, and read books that will want to make you survive. Just read.


Foamers (The Primal Age Chronicles)