Fighting 4 Round 1

Fighting 4

Round 1


Maximus from Gladiator vs. King Leonidas from 300

Maximus was a General in the Roman army, and then became a champion gladiator who stood against a tyrannical emperor. He is exceptional with a sword and on horseback as well as a natural leader.

King Leonidas knows how to rule a military society. He leads from the front lines, and is a hardened veteran of war. He is skilled with a spear and sword.

Boys with Toys

Jack Bauer from 24 vs. Jason Bourne from The Bourne Ultimatum

Jack Bauer has been America’s defender on 8 different intense days. He was a member of Delta Force where he specialized in infantry operations, and received Ranger, Air Assault, and Airborne Training. He is highly proficient with firearms, explosives, and a number of languages. Also is capable of flying planes and helicopters.

Jason Bourne is a professional assassin and covert operative. He is well trained in hand to hand combat, as well as firearms. His knack for reading a situation and escaping definite capture would lead to avoiding hairy situations. The man can calculate everything about a fight and notices every detail of a room.




Round 1: 8v9

Ultimate Primal Age Survival Team Smack Down

Round 1: 8th vs. 9th


Columbus from Zombieland vs. Lt. Ellen Ripley from Aliens

Columbus is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who survives by following a list of rules he has applied to his Primal Age to help extend his life expectancy. He primarily uses a double barrel shot gun, but has shown he isn’t afraid to improvise or use a mallet. He is not fearless but can overcome his fears.

Ripley is a military trained scientist that can use heavy machinery. When the job is on the line she doesn’t let fear stand in her way. She is trained in military tactics and knows her way around shotguns, rifles, and flame throwers, as well as pilot training.


Indiana Jones from Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. Django from Django Unchained

Indiana is a professor, archaeologist, and adventurer. Jones is notable for his trademark bullwhip, fedora, leather jacket, and fear of snakes. He is also a brawler, who has no issue bringing a gun to a knife fight. He will do whatever it takes to come out on top.

Django was a former slave who was freed and then trained to be a bounty hunter. He is a stellar marksman with a wide variety of firearms. He’s also excellent with explosives and hand to hand combat. In the movie he was almost always outnumbered by wide ratios. He was also very clever and cunning. Im sure you can clean this up and make it sound good. Django was a total badass in the movie, make sure you do him justice. (Ryan McCormick)

Boys with Toys

Ethan Hunt from Ghost Protocol vs. Frank Martin from The Transporter

Ethan is a member of the IMF and is well trained in sabotage and deceit. He has a background in firearms, explosives, and gadgets. Also has experience with motorcycles, and other vehicles, in high speed situations.

Martin is portrayed as having expertise with explosives, surveillance, hand-to-hand combat and evasive driving. Emphasis is given to his skills as an accomplished driver, able to conduct seemingly impossible maneuvers while retaining perfect control of his vehicle. Frank often engages in hand-to-hand combat, having to improvise using unconventional weapons against his opponents. Martin is also an accomplished sharpshooter. (From Wiki)

More than Meets the Eye

Vic Mackey from The Shield vs. Dr. Quinn from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Mackey was a corrupt and brutal detective in the Los Angeles Police Department; he stole from drug dealers, routinely beat suspects and committed murder on at least three occasions. While two of the victims were violent gangsters, one was a fellow cop who was secretly working to expose Vic and his unit. Mackey saw his tactics as a means to an end. He is a devoted father and also saw himself as a family man. He had 14 years on the force. (From Wiki)

Quinn is a female doctor in the wild west, that alone shows she can survive in the Primal Age. She can perform lifesaving medical acts without the use of today’s technology. She has what it takes to survive in the wilderness without any of the conveniences of today.

Results 3v14

Winners from 3v14

Slayers: TIE

BAMFS: Han Solo

Boys with Toys: James Bond

MtMtE: Mcgyver

No one joined Jason Bourne in the 100% club in this round, but we had another upset with Mcgyver over taking Selina, and a first ever tie. The tie was between Abigail Whistler and Mad Max in the Slayers round. The way this will work, is I will file the tie away until the end of round one and after we do the final day of round one match ups we will do a day of tie breakers to settle any unfinished business.