When I write

When I’m working on a TPAC novel I do all the story lines in separate documents. It helps me track where each arc is and also keeps my word counts low so I don’t think too highly of my progress.

To make sure I was on progress today I did a quick tally.

Slightly over halfway. Means at my current rate I am a month and a half away from completing this draft and can be on track to be edited out by January.

Damn that feels good.


#267 Both Shoes On Before You Tie

Survival Tip #267

Both Shoes On Before You Tie

This one seems simple, but many people put one shoe on, tie it, then put the other shoe on, and tie it. When there is no emergency situation this isn’t likely to have any impact on your life. In the Primal Age though things won’t always be so casual. Sometimes you mind find yourself needing to get out of Dodge yesterday. It is always better to both shoes on before you tie them. This way if something does cause you to have to make a run for it at a moments notice you have two untied shoes on instead of one tied shoe.

#266 Untie Your Shoes

Survival Tip #266

Untie Your Shoes

Or boots. Even the best running shoes on the market are only meant to stand up to a few months of abuse. By untying your shoes before you insert or remove your foot you will increase the length of time that a shoe’s durability lasts. So, always remember to untie your shoes.

I don’t recommend these for end of the world use, but I only ever tied them once and destroyed them fast.

#237 Pain vs Brain

Survival Tip #237

Pain vs Brain

Besides being a writer, and poker fan, I also coach water polo and swimming. This is an observation I have made over the years of many athletes. The moment they start feeling pain their brain tells them they are working hard. Sadly, this is usually just the beginning of working, and it is far from hard.

Most people take that first sign of pain and feel like that should be their target excretion level, but we as human beings can push so far beyond that. I’m not advocating that while training for the Primal Age you should push yourself to injury, but you should test your limits. By testing your limits you will slowly push them farther and farther. Before you know it you might actually be working hard.


#234 You Are Alone

Survival Tip #234

You Are Alone

Always remember you are alone. Regardless of how many people are around you, no matter how many people love you, you are alone in your survival. That doesn’t mean you won’t find help along the way, but each of us is responsible for ourselves. You have to take your survival into your own hands and be able to survive alone. Only once you are strong enough to stand alone will you be ready to stand together.