The Primal Age Chronicles Book 2: Strays

Looks like it is time to dust off the ol’website again.

Sorry for disappearing again for the summer. Seems to be a trend. Last summer I had done all kinds of cool things, but not as many experiences this summer. I went back to coaching swimming which makes travel pretty difficult. However back in May I did help my sister move from Estes Park, Colorado to Aliso Vejo, California(I may have misspelled that). Along the way got to see Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, the part of Joshua Tree that doesn’t have the Joshua Trees, and I think Ryan Bailey at breakfast(That’ll mean something to my water polo friends).

Summer progress with my usual living at one pool or another.

Then had a few life changes.(new house)

Along with the contract for THE PRIMAL AGE CHORNICLES II: STRAYS getting signed, and for all of those who have been waiting for a release date…you’ll have to keep waiting. But the ballpark is February to March of 2016.

Two other tidbits of information about the book that are pretty exciting, but you’ll have to wait for that cause I’ve got some writing to do.

But here is a picture of my dog eating a tomato(she’s a rescue and her name is Gem(Amusing I know)):

Til next time,


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