Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban



A deal is a deal, so I am plugging along. 1 HP per month. This months was The Prisoner of Azkaban.

So, I am liking the serious less by the book. People keep telling me it’ll get better in the next one. So it goes.

Anyhow, I find the exact one school year time line to be getting quite tiresome. 70% of the book is passing time until the real story starts. Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy the last 30%, and there are hints and details in the first 70% that come to be important. However, a little variety would add a ton to the story.

Here is the big issue. Time travel. I understand you can create the rules you need with time travel, but my issues is no rules have been made other than don’t be seen. First issue with this: No one has tried to go back in time and kill Riddle when he’s a kid. Second issue: Harry never asks to go back in time to see his parents or kill Riddle. Now, I understand it is a simple fix. Harry you can’t do that because by changing the time line that drastically it would have so many effects that they could be far worse than Riddle ever was. Fine. Makes sense. But to kid who wants nothing more than to see his parents, he should have asked.

Anyhow, my gripes aside this was my favorite cast of characters. Lupin, Black, and Wormtail were all quite enjoyable. I thought Ron and Harry acted a bit out of character in their treatment of Hermione, but hey could have been worse.

And for all of those that think all of my comments are negative, these are simply my observations. The Harry Potter franchise doesn’t need my support to be successful, so I would rather add the things that bothered me since I think they promote more discussion than Yay HP.

The one major positive I am taking from this is how to set up a series. Each book could be read without reading the one prior because Rowling is good at dropping in enough details of what happened, and giving character backgrounds. This was something i was struggling with in the second book the The Primal Age Chronicles. So, thanks to another JK for the help.