Which Series Should I Read Next?

Which Series Should I Read Next?

Originally I had posted up between Hunger Games and Harry Potter. HP won by a landslide. I had planned to just move on to Hunger Games next but since it lost so terribly I wasn’t sure if I should just assume that is my next series. So, I will open this up to a vote. Poll will remain open for 1 week.


Harry Potter vs. The Hunger Games

So, I never read either of these block buster series. I can’t deny the impact they have had on society. I can still remember the day when the world was depressed, because everyone in existence read to the same place of a certain character dying in Harry Potter, and I’ve seen the amount of girl’s wearing their hair in braids increase exponentially over the last few years.

Currently both series are available through the Kindle Lending Library, so I’ve decided I will give one and only one a shot. Seeing as it is hard to find unbiased feedback on which is the better series to invest my time in, I am going to allow bias be my decision. Below you will find a voting box. You can vote for The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or Neither. Feel free to leave a comment below as to why you voted the way you did. I will be keeping this poll open until December First. You will be able to vote once each day.