All Done With Harry Potter



*Spoilers Ahead* Just in case I wasn’t the last person on the planet to read Harry Potter.


I finally finished up the series. I won’t lie I did enjoy it much more than I thought I would.

Books 1-3 almost did me in. I really debated if I wanted to keep going with the series or not. But book 4 turned it around for me. I really liked 5. 6 was my favorite. And I felt like 7 could have been fantastic but missed the mark pretty terribly.

I think much of my lack of enthusiasm is unlike everyone else I know I didn’t start reading the books when I was Harry’s age. So, to go back to being eleven doesn’t hit home. 4-6 though did up the excitement, action, and overall just were better written.

The two biggest things that bothered me of the entire series was the way Rowling stuck to the school year long story telling every single book. There are only so many times where someone can forget to save the world because he has finals. Every single book has a series of months that jump by just to hold to the year long story telling.

The second was how Rowling faces death. The only two characters I felt for when they died were Dumbledore and George. Everyone else gets a single sentence that basically comes down to, and then they were dead.  She had so many chances to really make us feel, but she skips those instances.

In the end though, I am glad to have read the series. It was enjoyable.



Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Goblet of Fire


I’m still trudging along through the Harry Potter novels. Many people told me when I was debating if I could keep going through the series that things would turn around in book 4. I have to admit this is the first novel in the series I did like, and much of that came from how well Rowling tied information from the first three books back into this story. I still find the school year long story arc to be tiresome. A little variety there would make me enjoy this more. Also would still like some better characterization. There are hundreds of cardboard characters running around, I’d like a handful of them to be better developed. Anyhow a deal is a deal and I will continue moving forward. I now do so with the belief that I might like the series by the end.