The need to breathe

The need to breathe can be a powerful motivator. Sometimes in life you will face obstacles you don’t think you will be able to come back from. Like something has stolen your air. The thing to always remember is that if you keep fighting you will find your way through and get your head above water long enough for that next breath.



The Adventures of Dud

Hello folks and folkets,

Recently I tossed a short story from a linked short collection called the Adventure of Dud. This is a scifi collection that takes place in a future where there are three dominate species in the galaxy. Terran(humans) being one of those they have had to turn to genetic modification to keep up with the superior evolution of the other species. Those with the finical means can live hundreds of years with physical and mental advantages that keep them competitive in the universe. However those without the means are forced to sell themselves into indentured servitude or worse yet slavery, to survive.

The Adventures of Dud follows an unevolved Terran slave who is doing his best to find adventure and stay alive.

If you have a few minutes hop over to and give it a read and a recommend. If you only have a moment, please jump over and click recommend. I am presently in the top ten but trailing first by quite a bit. Every recommend helps.