If you like music, I have a song for you

So, you like music. Pretty much everyone likes music. I like music, and I’m tone deaf. 

Since I appreciate all of you who come to my website every day to check out my survival tips and other musings, I want to make you aware of a free song. Yes, you heard it free. My friend Sam, is part of a band called Moonblade. You may have heard of them, if you haven’t you should have, seeing as he opened for Kiss before. But, I digress, to celebrate ten years of music making, Moonblade is giving away their new single AWAKE FOR YOU. I like it, only one way to find out if you like it. And if you don’t like it I’ll happily argue with you why you should like it, but why would you complain; it’s free.


Just hop over here and download your copy now: