#237 Pain vs Brain

Survival Tip #237

Pain vs Brain

Besides being a writer, and poker fan, I also coach water polo and swimming. This is an observation I have made over the years of many athletes. The moment they start feeling pain their brain tells them they are working hard. Sadly, this is usually just the beginning of working, and it is far from hard.

Most people take that first sign of pain and feel like that should be their target excretion level, but we as human beings can push so far beyond that. I’m not advocating that while training for the Primal Age you should push yourself to injury, but you should test your limits. By testing your limits you will slowly push them farther and farther. Before you know it you might actually be working hard.



#230 Sharpen Your Blades

Survival Tip #230

Sharpen Your Blades

You should always maintain your blades, but the one time many people don’t realize blades need sharpened is the moment you buy them. Most stores and all online retailers sell the knives in dull condition. I am assuming this is a safety measure, but before using your new knife or hatchet make sure you sharpen it. Especially keep this in mind if you happen to be doing some looting in the Primal Age.


#229 Fast Food Places

Survival Tip #229

Fast Food Places

On the move? Need a place to crash for the night? Check out the local fast food place. If this is early on and power is still running they will have a full freezer, which will still insulate food for a while after the power goes out. Besides that each of them has air conditioning units on a flat roof, which means there is a lockable ladder that leads to the roof for a vantage point and a place to crash out of sight. Now don’t get me wrong there are likely better places near by, but sometimes you just gotta make due with what’s available, so don’t discount a fast food joint as a temporary shelter.