#281 Realistic and Attainable

Survival Tip #281

Realistic and Attainable

When setting goals for yourself or for others make sure you create realistic and attainable goals. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t set difficult goals, but make sure they can be reached.

If you have never ran before in your life setting a goal of a five minute mile isn’t realistic. However if you do want to get to a five minute mile you should set a course of goals that you can attain that will eventually lead you there. Like I want to drop 15 seconds off of my mile time every month of training.

By setting mile stones that aren’t miles away it keeps a carrot in front of your nose so that you will keep in the chase.

The same applies for the Primal Age. Don’t say my goal is to keep everyone alive for the next decade. Your goal should be to keep everyone alive until tomorrow. Things you can strive for and can attain.

Keep it real.