You should know this name: Breanna Fairchild

Extra, extra, read all about it…

My protege has her first publishing credit in Akashic Books Fri-Scifi. Check out her flash fiction piece here:

To tell the story of how proud I am of her for this next step in her writing career, I have to go all the way back to the beginning.

Breanna, or as I call her Tali(We are both huge Mass Effect fans), got stuck with me about five years back. At the time I was finishing up my MFA and was literally owned by the great and lovely Kaylie Jones who had me 40 hours a week on an internship and an additional 20 as a graduate assistant. One day while slaving away at building the ground work for Kaylie Jones Books in my mother’s basement(I know such a writer cliche), I get a phone call from Kaylie.

As had become my custom I watched the phone ring for about ten seconds pondering what task was about to get added to my list that I had titled First Thing Needing Done(The list had well over 40 things on it at one point). I took a deep breath and answered that call.

“Justin, I have a couple of young writers here who like writing sci-fi. I told them I don’t know shit about that but I know a guy who does. Would you be okay with me giving them your information?”

Of those young writers, Breanna was the only one with the fortitude to survive me. I put her through the paces(Good old Stephen King’s On Writing) and kicked her writing teeth in when necessary. Somehow though she has stuck around. I was always tough on her and explained that a day would come when she’d face down publishers and editors(worse yet, reviewers) who don’t care about the blood, sweat, and tears a writer puts into their work so if she didn’t have thick skin she wouldn’t make it.

Over the past five years Breanna has become a nearly daily correspondent in my life, and has grown from fledgling writer into a valued friend of mine. I’ve told her from the beginning that my goal was to give her everything I learned, and to make her better than me. With this short glimpse for the world to see her brilliance, I do believe we can all agree the student is closing in on the mentor.

Proud of you, Tali.


Same House, New Paint

You are in the right place, assuming you were still looking for me. I’ve decided to do a little revamping on the website since I’ve let it gather so much dust. The major change I have done is actually cloned the site(which I guess isn’t technically a change). I’d like to have a little more flex in what I cover on So, what I did is I copied everything that was here a moment ago and moved it over to another site I own:

Moving forward this site will cover the entire gambit of what I post, while the other will focus solely on things relating to The Primal Age. Up to you which you’d rather pay attention to.

Good news update. I have been covering a lot of ground on The Primal Age Chronicles 2(TPAC2). In the last three weeks I have churned out a little over 100 pages. I am hoping to have the current draft done by Christmas.

I’mmmmmmm Backkkkkkk

Dearest folks,

I know I have been away for a long while and I apologize for vanishing on everyone without notice. Being busy is no excuse for not being present. As of this post I will return to being an active member of social media society, and hopefully society itself. However I don’t want to leave you guys with something as empty as just an apology with my first post back.

So, let me tell you about everything I was doing while I was gone. Early in the summer I returned to Wilkes University and had the opportunity to read from Foamers as an alumni of the program. For anyone out there wishing to be a writer who just needs that extra push I strongly recommend Wilkes University’s low residency M.A./M.F.A program.



During all of this I was working a full time job at the happy Hampden Pool, coaching water polo, landscaping, and teaching private swim lessons.

Shortly after my reading I broke free of all my jobs and made it to a wedding of a great friend and long time team mate, Ox and his new bride Staurt. Met up with an old college friend Meredith while there as well. (Ox is in the center, Meredith is on the right, I’m the guy in the thrift store vest)



Meredith happened to bring along this guy…



and I got to punt with an NFL punter. (Might not sound that cool, but for being a soccer goalie for many years it was pretty awesome to punt again, let alone with someone who does it for a living)

On my way home 9 hour drive home I got to swing by and see another college friend. (The one dressed like the Easter Bunny)







After that it was mostly just work for a while. I’m picking my brain real hard to think if I did any out of the ordinary trips in July, but I can’t seem to think of any at the moment. Any who July turned into August. August was busy.

I’m not positive I remember the order properly so please forgive me if I mess anything up.

I went to the Naval Retirement party of a man I have so much respect for I shaved for the event. Got to see a great deal of people I hadn’t seen in a long time. Overall had a great day.



Shortly after that my first ever royalty check arrived. SEE PROOF, Just assume it’s for millions. Also note to my publishers I’ll be cashing it real soon. My apologies for keeping it a month.



And right after that, Foamers was selected for a Daily Deal on Amazon, which sky rocketed sales and made me the number 1 best seller in the Amazon store for a few days. (This was an early photo before I thought it would do better…it did)



Shortly after that my old roommate/teammate/might as well be blood/also know as Siegfried and Roy/ convinced me to come out of retirement from playing water polo. This is what I look like after an all night 10 hour drive, then two days of water polo, but before the next ten hour drive. Don’t regret it.



Following that I ran my first 5k. There was beer at the finish line. This made me happy and due to limited supplies of beer made me run faster.



These people were there too…



All in all a pretty eventful and rather fun summer. I even came up with some new story ideas. Only downside was I didn’t make as much forward progress on the sequel to Foamers as I would have liked. However, it’ll be done soon. You have my word.