The Rome Project

Another screenplay.  This is where the zombies started. The ground work for Foamers. This screenplay got such a reaction from those that read it that I decided to go back to school to chase writing as more than a hobby. I am proud in the tears a zombie screenplay had drawn. Can you read it dry eyed?

This was a hard copy scan and a few pages are missing, not to mention this isn’t the final version so plenty of notes and typos.

As per usual, this is mine, belongs to me, don’t steal cause I’ll gladly sell cheap, and no one likes a head ache.



Screenplay numero uno

Hey all,

Adventures of Dud is overish. If anyone has a strong desire for me to complete the fifth let me know.

This pretty PDF is the World Series of Beer Pong. College love story revolving around the world’s greatest sport of beer pong. Prior to opening it, disclaimers, there are themes of sex, drinking, and love. It has been a while since I wrote this and if would guess we are looking at a strong PG13. And also, no idea where it was in the level of editing.

As per usual, all work is mine and belongs to me. Steal it and I will find you, especially since I will sell out cheap, so lets all save of us some headaches.


Ireland 360