The battle continues

The last week didn’t go as well as I would have liked. I’m guessing some of you out there can agree, if not today at some point in your life. As I get ready to sleep, I remind myself that I am still breathing and I have survived another day. Despite the millions of ways my life could have ended today, it did not. That simple fact is always a victory. When I am lucky enough to open my eyes in the morning it’s back to the fight. This is life my friends, make it the one you want. Rest now then back to battle.


#282 Losses

Survival Tip #282

It has been a while. In that time there were a number of losses and gains.

Life can be a bastard sometimes. It can take and take and take. It’ll take so much that you wonder how much more it can possibly steal, however, in this world and the Primal Age, you had to remember that it will give as well. Just because life takes, doesn’t mean that it isn’t giving, or that when it takes it isn’t giving you a different opportunity at the same time.

I am not here to tell you that loss won’t hurt, sometimes it might seem like it will kill you, but remember to stay in the fight and everything will even out.


Survival Tip #41

Survival Tip #41



When it comes to mushrooms there is no old wives tale that proves true 100% of the time. Unlike Mario, it will be unlikely a randomly selected mushroom with give you an extra life or super-size, and more likely could kill you. So, when it comes to foraging mushrooms, do your research now and know which ones in your area are safe to eat and which ones will kill you. If you don’t know or aren’t completely sure of a mushroom, leave it be.