Survival Tip #283

Yeah bet you thought you were done with these! Not so fast.

The thing about writing post-apocalyptic stories is you look to find how far you can push a character and have them still hold onto their humanity. In my series there are two ways it can go…a character can go primal, losing their humanity, or they can become primed finding their end of the world self.

In my younger years I thought this was something that only existed in works of fiction. The older I’ve become the more I see it was a real world trait. The decisions people are faced with every day can change the course of their life.

So this tip is know your line before you get to it.

More weight

Overall I don’t remember much about the Crucible, but I do remember one part and that is when the one man is being crushed under the rocks and instead of confessing he says “more weight”.

Salem university Women’s water polo coach

Salem university men’s water polo assistant coach

Full time English professor(double load whenever possible)

Academic support tutor

Managing editor of Oddities

Writer of the Primal Age Chronicles

Freelance anything people will pay me for

So let’s add student to the list. Just completed the first class for my MBA.

Or in other words bring it on life, more weight!

The battle continues

The last week didn’t go as well as I would have liked. I’m guessing some of you out there can agree, if not today at some point in your life. As I get ready to sleep, I remind myself that I am still breathing and I have survived another day. Despite the millions of ways my life could have ended today, it did not. That simple fact is always a victory. When I am lucky enough to open my eyes in the morning it’s back to the fight. This is life my friends, make it the one you want. Rest now then back to battle.

#254 Redwood vs. Mayfly

Survival Tip #254

Redwood vs. Mayfly

I am a big fan in what I like to call maintaining emotional equilibrium. What I mean when I say that is regardless of what is happening in my life my emotional range stays relatively the same. This helps me remain clear headed no matter what.

One of the many tricks I use to maintain this is I try to see whatever situation I am experiencing through the eyes of a Redwood or a Mayfly. A Redwood has thousands of years to live and therefore anything short of a direct threat to my life really isn’t a big deal. A Mayfly has only twenty-four hours to live. I don’t imagine they spend much time cause up in drama. Keeping these two time lines in mind when viewing whatever is happening in life helps me stay grounded and logical.

Survival Tip #73

Survival Tip #73

Around the Water Cooler


When the Primal Age happens, regardless of how prepared you are, you will likely be out of your safe zone. Unless of course you build a bunker and live it for the rest of your life, but then you defeat the purpose of living. The fact is most Americans spend more time at work than at home and most drive to work. Since most drive to work, this is a great reason to have a go bag in your car. However, I want you to picture what a grocery store in your area is like leading up to a major weather incident. Now picture that across the entire country. Most people will panic causing every road, street, and a path to become congested and dangerous. The best thing you can do, unless there is a direct threat to your work place, is stay put.

Now is the time to start thinking about how you can make your work place a temporary fortress in the Primal Age. Do you have a water cooler? If so where are the spare five gallon jugs kept? Each of those is water for five people for a day. Is there a fridge in your break room? Some sort of snack bowl? Your coworker keep a stash of Hershey bars in their desk? Your first concern should be what food and water supplies are naturally found in your work place. Your second concern is how to make it defensible. If you have multiple floors, you should move all things needed for survival off the ground floor. Discuss hypocalypses with your coworkers and see who will be useful, and who will be dead weight. Some people will choose to leave in the panic, some for good reasons others for not, never stop someone from leaving. If you keep someone against their will you will find yourself with a cancerous situation. Use your common sense, figure out you’re supply situation, decide who your best team ups will be, and how to defend your workplace.

Survival Tip #71

Survival Tip #71



Movies, television, and books have led us to believe it is really easy to knock a person out with a jolt to the head. Riddle me this: If it was so easy, why wouldn’t every boxer win by knock out? People professionally trained to knock people out for a living can’t successfully do it every time they get in the ring. Westerns and fantasy lead us to believe that by smashing someone in the head with the pommel of the sword or butt of a gun they’ll go down like a sack of potatoes, but in reality you’ll probably crack their skull before you knock them out. So, if you need to pacify someone in the Primal Age your best bet is to restrain them, instead of trying to knock them unconscious.

Survival Tip #70

Survival Tip #70

Skulls are Thick


Boxers don’t wear gloves to protect the other person’s face; they wear gloves to protect their hands. You’re hands are made up of tons of tiny bones and every time you punch something you run the risk of breaking them. Yeah, they usually aren’t a big deal, and can be fixed with a simple pin and some rest, but in the Primal Age something as a minor broken bone in your hand could be a lifelong hindrance. Therefore if you don’t follow the tip about always wearing brass knuckles, I strongly recommend not punching things or people. The natural way for the human body to fight is by grappling and using the hard points of the body to strike. Get in close to your opponent in a fight and use your elbows, knees, and shins, to exploit their weak spots. (skull works too though risk of concussion)

Survival Tip #69

Survival Tip #69

Step into the Punch


If you find yourself in a fist fight that you can’t avoid in the Primal Age, always remember to step into a punch. Everything in your body will tell you to step away from an incoming punch. It’s natural for your body to try to get away, and you should go that route if you can avoid the punch. However, there will be times that you can’t get clear of a swing, and by stepping into it you will reduce the force of the blow. Full extension is when a punch has the most velocity, so by meeting the punch sooner you are reducing the amount of damage it will do. Of course, you are still being punched, so it will hurt, but it will hurt less.

Survival Tip 68#

Survival Tip #68

Check the Emotion at the Door


Back when I coached goalies, one of the first things I taught them, after don’t suck, was check your emotion at the door. There are a lot of times in life where anger, or happiness can fuel you forward. Anger especially in a fight or flight situation, but emotion clouds judgment and impairs logic.  If you don’t have full use of common sense and rationale you will likely find yourself dead. Every time you let emotion rule your decision you are risking your life. Find the calm center of your universe and center yourself there. Let logic prevail and keep your emotion in check.