Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


For those of you coming late to the party, I put up a poll and let my audience decide if I would read the first book from Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. Harry Potter won by a land slide.

As a man of my word I read the first book of the series. Though I can see why so many of my generation love it to death, I am sadly no longer 11 and have grown up in a world where the Harry Potter universe is better known than the laws of our own. Since most of the first book is world building I didn’t find it all the gripping. I do think this is a great book for kids, and am trying to get my niece to read them. (The kid devours books but anything I suggest she won’t touch)

Now, before anyone goes and forms a lynch mob, I am not saying anything negative about the novel. I think it was well written and I like her characters. Just wasn’t gripped by it. However do to some friends saying I need to give it another chance, and the series remaining free via the Kindle Lending Library I will be continuing on to book two when I get some free time.

Good news right?

Well, in other good news my novel, Foamers, received its official release date today of March 25.