I’m about to be a nonfiction writer

Take that one star review that said no one would be dumb enough…

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Survival Tip #283

Yeah bet you thought you were done with these! Not so fast.

The thing about writing post-apocalyptic stories is you look to find how far you can push a character and have them still hold onto their humanity. In my series there are two ways it can go…a character can go primal, losing their humanity, or they can become primed finding their end of the world self.

In my younger years I thought this was something that only existed in works of fiction. The older I’ve become the more I see it was a real world trait. The decisions people are faced with every day can change the course of their life.

So this tip is know your line before you get to it.

The Rome Project

Another screenplay.  This is where the zombies started. The ground work for Foamers. This screenplay got such a reaction from those that read it that I decided to go back to school to chase writing as more than a hobby. I am proud in the tears a zombie screenplay had drawn. Can you read it dry eyed?

This was a hard copy scan and a few pages are missing, not to mention this isn’t the final version so plenty of notes and typos.

As per usual, this is mine, belongs to me, don’t steal cause I’ll gladly sell cheap, and no one likes a head ache.


Back to writing

I’m back to writing. Finally. Two things happened to get me here. Real job number 3 finally reached a point I can relax, and more importantly my lady told me to ignore her while I write.

I am back to my 1000 words a day. And this is definitely the fastest I’ve ever hit my count each day.

Just don’t tell her that or she might increase my quota…

The battle continues

The last week didn’t go as well as I would have liked. I’m guessing some of you out there can agree, if not today at some point in your life. As I get ready to sleep, I remind myself that I am still breathing and I have survived another day. Despite the millions of ways my life could have ended today, it did not. That simple fact is always a victory. When I am lucky enough to open my eyes in the morning it’s back to the fight. This is life my friends, make it the one you want. Rest now then back to battle.

#256 Do it Right the First Time

Survival Tip #256

Do It Right The First Time

When attempting to complete a task there are always ways to cut corners to get it done faster. Faster is not always better. Many times hurrying a project will create an end result that needs to be redone, which in turn doubles the amount of time you have invested in the task. Save yourself time and energy by doing things right the first time.

#255 Free Money!

Survival Tip #255

Too Good To Be True

Now and in the Primal Age when something seems too good to be true it is. I understand you are human and you want it, nay wish it, to be true, but your life could depend on not falling into such a trap. Trust your gut. There are thousands of years worth of survival instincts buried in your subconscious, even if you only consider the great outdoors the distance from the car to the shop. Ask yourself if a situation only seems that way because you want it to be, or if you fear it is, then let your instinct guide you.

#254 Redwood vs. Mayfly

Survival Tip #254

Redwood vs. Mayfly

I am a big fan in what I like to call maintaining emotional equilibrium. What I mean when I say that is regardless of what is happening in my life my emotional range stays relatively the same. This helps me remain clear headed no matter what.

One of the many tricks I use to maintain this is I try to see whatever situation I am experiencing through the eyes of a Redwood or a Mayfly. A Redwood has thousands of years to live and therefore anything short of a direct threat to my life really isn’t a big deal. A Mayfly has only twenty-four hours to live. I don’t imagine they spend much time cause up in drama. Keeping these two time lines in mind when viewing whatever is happening in life helps me stay grounded and logical.