The Primal Age Chronicles



Foamers (The Primal Age Chronicles)

When the Feline Flu hits pandemic levels, a vaccine is rushed into production before all side effects are known. The flu strand created for the vaccine evolves and migrates to the brain where it destroys the higher human functions of the recipient. These people retrogress to an animalistic mental state and become known as foamers, because they foam red at the mouth when they become excited.

Kade, an underachieving twenty something, finds himself in charge of a group of survivors in the Primal Age. As he tries to find his way as a leader, his cohort is caught between a warmongering paramilitary unit and the bloodthirsty foamers, forcing the group to define their morals in a world without law.

Short Stories:

No More Hot Chocolate

Connor, a high school senior, wakes up to find the world he knew to be  completely transformed in the wake of the Feline Flu vaccine. When he comes across Kyra, the girl who was always too good for him, he agrees to be her white knight in a quest into the Primal Age to find her boyfriend.

Law of the Primal Age

A lawyer in the Primal Age must determine how to set the law for his survival colony. Published by Akashic Books in their Mondays are Murder Series. Click here to read.


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